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Start making an income from your home decor & lifestyle blog in the next 30 days.

Are you trying to turn your blog into a profitable business but can't seem to make much every month?
Feeling frustrated with all the different strategies and vague tips about monetizing your blog that don't always relate to your niche?

Keep jumping from one strategy to the next without a solid plan, hoping something will stick?

I totally get it. I was right there too.

Thankfully, there ARE good strategies you can use to monetize your blog, where you aren't relying just on a few ads and random affiliate links. You need to implement the 4 main monetization methods in a strategic way in order to turn your hobby blog into a profitable business.

It's a blueprint to success, and I want to share it with you.

Let's imagine what life will look like once you have monetized your blog in a strategic, diversified way.

You will...

  • start making part of your revenue on autopilot

  • have 4+ streams of income coming in each month

  • know exactly what to spend your time on to maximize your revenue

  • be able to stop reading post after post on monetization, and instead focus on developing and growing your business

  • not be desperately stuck in the rat race for pageviews because you are only relying on ad dollars

Are you ready to turn your hobby blog into a profitable business?


Introducing The Blog Monetization Blueprint.

The Blog Monetization Blueprint is the course I wish I had when I was trying to build my blog income. It would have saved me SO much time and missed revenue.

The course starts from scratch and shows you how to build your income streams, with the tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

It covers, in-depth: 

  • Display Advertising: How to get high earning ads in the best spots on your website

  • Affiliate Marketing: Exactly where to place affiliate links in your blog posts and social media, the best affiliate programs to join, and how to build automated email funnels to promote affiliate products

  • Sponsored Posts: Step-by-step process on finding the right contact person, pitching brands, how to create your media kit, what to charge, and how to form a long-lasting relationship

  • Selling Products & Services: The types of products or services you could sell to compliment your blog, selling platforms, and exactly how to get started down this route (with tons of personal examples!)

It's the exact system I have used to go from earning less than $200/month to earning $50,000 a year without dramatically increasing my blog traffic or with a fluke affiliate post - I just got waaay smarter with each of these strategies.

Once you implement each step as laid out in the modules, you will have a solid plan for blog income generation and will see your revenue increase month after month.

How do I know?

I started my home decor & lifestyle blog, The Sweetest Digs, in 2010.

It was a hobby - a passion project on the side where I could share my stories of fixing up our first home and connect with others.

Over the years my blog grew slowly and organically. I started testing different monetization methods as I went, but I really had no idea what I was doing.

I had months of making a few bucks through affiliate sales, and $100 here and there on display ads.

I tried opening up a shop with handmade products, without a plan or idea about scalability.

I felt that I was too small to reach out to brands, so instead waited for them to come to me.

But then everything changed after I had my first child.

I had a mindset shift: I needed to stop treating this online space as a diary, and had to turn it into a profitable business. I did not want to go back to my traditional "9-5" job.

I immersed myself in research, tested different things out, worked from a business plan, and through trial and error, figured out what actually brought in revenue, and what didn't.

I went from making less than $200 a month (on a good month!) to $50,000 a year just from getting smarter with my monetization strategies.

I didn't explode my blog traffic or happen to strike it out lucky on one amazing affiliate post, I just refined everything I was doing in order to maximize income from all avenues.

This course is NOT trying to sell you on a "get rich quick" scheme. 

You will have to work hard and be serious about growing your business.

But... if you are ready to dream big and put in the effort, then I want to show you how to make it happen.

​​​​​​​Because you can totally do this, too!

"The Blog Monetization Blueprint is a super comprehensive, step-by-step course. If you want the guidebook on how to make money blogging, this is it. The fact that the course is tailored to home and DIY bloggers is rad. The advice is specific and you'll walk away with a concrete action plan for your blog business. Gemma has laid it all out for you. Why not invest in yourself and your blog? You won't regret it."

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Your Life Before Blog Monetization Blueprint:

  • You spend all your time publishing amazing blog content, but can't get it to translate to financial success 

  • You are chasing traffic and page views in the hopes of making marginally more income with display ads

  • Your income is small and sporadic, and you can't predict it

  • You aren't actively pitching brands and booking out sponsored work - you are waiting for opportunities to come to you

  • You don't sell anything yourself and have no idea where to start with creating a product or service relevant to your niche

  • You don't have a business plan for your blog's financial growth

  • You feel like your blog's worth is dependent only on numbers

Your Life After Blog Monetization Blueprint:

  • You have a diversified revenue strategy, with income from multiple sources

  • You have an affiliate marketing strategy using blog posts, social media, and automated email sequences

  • You have a script for pitching sponsored campaigns, you've set your fee, and are booking out your work with brands 

  • You have optimized your display ads to make the most revenue, but still provide a good reader experience

  • You have a product line or service that you sell to your readers

  • You know exactly where to spend your time to maximise your income

  • You get to run a creative business that you LOVE

"I’ve known Gemma and read her blog for years. She’s not only a great blogger (have you seen her DIY’s?!) but also an astute businesswoman. Gemma has approached blogging as a business and uses it to complement her online shop, her events and styling business, and other entrepreneurial adventures. I consider Gemma an expert in the field and have had her speak on the topic of monetization at my conference BlogPodium, Canada’s Conference for Design and Lifestyle Bloggers. She knows her stuff and shares her knowledge in clear and practical ways. Gemma has achieved success in so many areas (not to mention balancing work with life as a wife and mother of two) and I know this course will share her tried and true secrets."

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About Your Instructor: Gemma Bonham-Carter

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You want to buy from someone you trust. I get that. So let's dig in. If you're new to me, hey! I'm Gemma.

I started writing my blog, The Sweetest Digs, in 2010. For many years I struggled with trying to turn that blog into a business. I applied to ad network after ad network, threw in random affiliate links here and there, chased after pageviews, and hoped that magic fairy dust would suddenly increase my income.

When that didn't happen, I got way more strategic about my income generating activities. I finally landed on an ad network I LOVE who more than doubled by ad earnings, I figured out how to pitch brands so that I had regular sponsored campaigns every month, I honed in on how to effectively market affiliate links and 5x my affiliate earnings, and I launched a line of physical products for sale using dropshipping manufacturing. 

After years of research, struggling, and figuring out what works, I landed on a strong monetization model that has multiple avenues and brings in about $50,000 per year in income. I continue to write my home decor blog and now also share blogging biz tips on my second site, 

I LOVE connecting with other creative entrepreneurs and have made it my mission to help as many people as I can start and grow successful businesses. I can totally relate to the desire to run your own successful blog, on your own time, and actually make money. 

I'm super excited to jump into this with you and get YOUR blog earning dolla dolla bills. You've got this. 

Blog Monetization Blueprint Course Outline:

Foundation Module: 

This module lays the groundwork for the rest of the course, and includes a workbook to help assess your blog and understand some foundational elements like mission, niche, and target audience.

Resources included:

  • Pre-Course Workbook

Module 1: Display Ads

This module will help you get setup and optimize your income with display ads. We will go over which agencies to work with, where to place ads to maximize their earnings, the different type of ads out there, and private selling versus agencies. 

Resources Included:

  • Ad Agencies List
  • Google Adsense Instruction Guide

Module 2: Sponsored Posts

Take the guesswork out of how to work with brands. This module will show you exactly how to create your media kit (multiple examples included!) and what to write in your pitch (with template included so you can just copy/paste!). We go over how to find the right contact person, what to charge, and how to develop a long lasting brand partnership. 

Resources included:

  • Sponsored post agency list
  • Sponsored post tracking sheet
  • Media Kit examples (including my own!)
  • Email Pitch Template Copy
  • Testimonial Request Template Copy

Module 3: Affiliate Marketing

To be successful with affiliate marketing you need to go beyond haphazardly inserting links. This module goes into detail on strategy: where exactly to place the links in your posts, which networks to join, how to increase your conversions, how to use social media to maximize earnings, and how to use email funnels as an advanced affiliate marketing tactic. 

Resources Included:

  • Affiliate Agencies to Join
  • Affiliate Marketing Tracking Sheet

Module 4: Selling Products & Services

​​​​​​​Selling a product or service is going to help you increase your income faster, and be 100% under your own control. This module will go over what kind of products you could sell, selling platforms, an overview of dropship manufacturing, and a huge number of service ideas. I've done it all from selling digital products, handmade products, manufactured products, workshop hosting, event styling, and VA work! 

Resources Included:

  • Dropshipping Manufacturers List
  • Resource Guides for Selling Services, Selling Physical Products, and Selling Digital Products


  • Bonus #1: 3 Video Master Classes - Traffic Building Tips, List Building, & Blogging Smarter.
  • Bonus #2: A copy of my Printable Blog Planner so you can stay organized, track stats, and grow your blog. 
  • Bonus #3: Tech TrainingHow to Make a Pirntable using Canva
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Blog Monetization Blueprint Options:

Full Course Package, One Time Payment of $197

  • Over 20 video lessons covering the 4 primary monetization strategies: Display ads, Affiliate marketing, Sponsored work, Selling products & services  
  • 3 Bonus Video Masterclasses: Traffic Building Tips, Email List Building, and Blogging Smarter
  • Course workbook, Resource lists, Templates, Media Kit Examples, Agency Lists, and Guides
  • Printable Blog Planner
  • Lifetime Access and All Future Upgrades for Free

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Full Course Package, 5 Monthly Payments of $45

  • Over 20 video lessons covering the 4 primary monetization strategies: Display ads, Affiliate marketing, Sponsored work, Selling products & services  
  • 3 Bonus Video Masterclasses: Traffic Building Tips, Email List Building, and Blogging Smarter
  • Course workbook, Resource lists, Templates, Media Kit Examples, Agency Lists, and Guides
  • Printable Blog Planner
  • Lifetime Access and All Future Upgrades for Free

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